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Reactive Flame Retardant

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CR-FR-R01 phosphate ester polyol

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Product application: 

Organic phosphorus phosphate ester polyol FR-R01 is a new halogen-free and environmentally friendly flame retardant developed by Evergreen Chemical. Its molecular structure contains both flame retardant element phosphorus and hydroxyl group. It is applicable to polyurethane foam and other organics in which hydroxyl groups can participate in the reaction and join the polymer chain segment, so as to solve the problem that the flame retardancy of products continues to decline due to migration, precipitation and volatilization of traditional flame retardants. FR-R01 can meet the vast majority of volatile organic compounds (VOC) demanding application industries. Although it has a high hydroxyl value, it does not affect the resilience when used in polyurethane soft foam. Suitable for high-end sofas and car seats with flame retardancy. It can also be directly reacted with isocyanates for the prepolymerization of isocyanates. FR-R01 is not suitable for long-term storage in combination polyethers containing water. It is recommended to use it now and add it now.

Product features:

Reactive flame retardant, resistant to migration and volatilization, meeting stringent VOC requirements

Halogen free and environmentally friendly, no smoke will be released during combustion

Widely used and compatible with most polymer materials

Low viscosity, simple process operation

Indicator parameters:

Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Viscosity (Mpa·S, 25℃)
≤ 300
Acid value (mg, KOH/g)
≤ 2
hydroxyl value (mg KOH/g)
400 – 500 
Phosphorus content(%)
10 – 13 

Transportation and packaging:


FR-R01 is not a hazardous material and can be transported as a general chemical product


25KG plastic bucket; 220KG galvanized bucket; IBC exports tons in barrels

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