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Phosphonate Oligmer

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CRF-6000 polyphosphate oligomer

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Product Name: CRA-6000

Chemical name: Polyphosphate oligomer

CRA-6000 is an ultra-high molecular weight phosphate oligomer developed and produced by Evergreen Chemical, which has excellent thermal stability and hydrolysis resistance. It usually shows slight thermal weight loss above 400 ℃. Halogen free, meeting the current trend of halogen-free development.


CRA-6000 is a solid at room temperature, with a glass transition temperature Tg of about 105 ℃ and a melting point greater than 100 ℃. It is more convenient to use than traditional liquid flame retardants and is suitable for granulation, injection molding, and extrusion processes of various organic materials. CRA-6000 can be made into high transparency PC and PC/ABS alloys, PU or TPE materials.

Used in PET, it can be made into a high transparency film and can also be used for permanent flame retardant spinning of PET. The flame retardant polyester fiber produced has good mechanical properties and is not easy to break.

Adding CRA-6000 with a 10-25% resin system can easily achieve V0 grade flame retardancy of different thicknesses. Specific situations require small-scale testing and debugging according to different formulations.

Characteristics and advantages

• Halogen free and environmentally friendly

• Excellent flame retardancy, good weather resistance, and excellent thermal stability

• Can maintain high transparency of the product




quasi white powder and small crystals

Thermal weight loss 5% (TGA 5wt%)

≥ 400℃

Phosphorus content (%)

10 – 11 

Melting point (℃)

≥ 100



CRA-6000 is not a hazardous material and can be transported and stored as a general chemical product


25KG packaging bag.

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