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CRA-1907 Phenyl Diisodecyl Phosphite (PDDP)

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Product Name: CRA-1907

Chemical Name: Phenyl Diisodecyl Phosphite

Formula: C26H47O3P

Molecular Weight: 438.62

CAS No.: 25550-98-5 

EC No.: 701-374-4

CRA-1907 is Phenyl Diisodecyl Phosphite (PDDP). CRA-1907 is an effective liquid phosphite heat stabilizer for polyurethanes, coatings, ABS, and polycarbonates. Typical use levels range from 0.1 to 3.0% for most applications. CRA-1907 can be used in rigid and plasticized PVC applications to give brighter, more consistent colors. Use levels in PVC range from 0.25 to 1.00%. 



Clear Colorless Liquid

Refractive Index, 25℃

1.4780 – 1.4810 

Specific Gravity, 25℃

0.938 – 0.947 

Acid Value (mg, KOH/g)

0.5 MAX


Not regarded as dangerous goods. 


25kg plastic bucket; 

180kg galvanized barrel;

900kg IBC tote. 

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