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Wool fiber and blended products semi durable flame retardant 1050

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Product name: Semi durable flame retardant 1050 for wool fibers and blended products

Product Introduction: 

FR-1050 is a new type of high-efficiency phosphorus nitrogen flame retardant developed and produced by Evergreen Chemical. It is halogen-free and environmentally friendly, and the treated fabric has a good hand feel without yellowing or turning white. The addition amount is small, and the flame retardant efficiency is high.

Product application: 

1. FR-1050 flame retardant is applicable to fire prevention and flame retardancy of natural, synthetic or recycled fiber spinning, wool fabrics, polypropylene acrylic fibers, polyester polyester textiles. Its flame retardant effect is not suitable for sustainable washing.

The operation process used in FR-1050 is simple, which can be achieved by soaking or simply spraying and drying, and has excellent high-temperature stability. And it has good miscibility with other additives. Under normal conditions, it will not turn yellow during high-temperature drying to 200 ℃. It can be used in combination with general softeners, hydrophobics, wetting agents, etc. (testing is required before use).

3. FR-1050 flame retardant has efficient flame retardancy and is particularly suitable for the fire and flame retardancy of some special and difficult to handle flammable materials.

4. According to the different materials required for flame retardant textiles, different water dilution ratios (such as 1:2, 1:3, or 1:4 dilution ratios) are used after dilution.

5. For fiber textiles, the test standard P-BWU 03-I-16.5.54 is applicable, and for Polyacrylonitrile materials, the German technical standard DIN 4102/B1 is applicable (Minimum dry coating fiber: 16%, polyester: 4%)

Transportation and packaging:


FR-1050 is not a hazardous material and can be transported as a general chemical.


30KG plastic bucket; 220KG plastic bucket; IBC exports tons in barrels.

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