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Durable and washable polyester flame retardant FR-1012

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Product introduction: 

FR-1012 is a high-efficiency phosphate ester flame retardant. High phosphorus content and good water solubility. This product can be used for buildings, curtains, and automotive interior fabrics. It is especially suitable for flame retardant treatment of polyester, polyester cotton blend, acrylic lotion and PU coating adhesive. The treated textile fabric has permanent, washable, and flame retardant properties.

Application examples:

Flame retardant treatment of polyester and polyester cotton fabrics:

Pre treatment: Due to the poor water absorption of PET, it is best to undergo an alkali treatment before flame retardant finishing to improve the water absorption of polyester fabric, ensure uniform liquid carrying, and help improve the flame retardant effect.

Method: NaOH: 20-30g/L, pre-treatment temperature: 100 ℃, treatment time: 45 ± 15 minutes

Flame retardant finishing: Please adjust the flame retardant concentration appropriately according to the weight of the fabric.

Formula: FR-1012: 60-150g/L, adjust the flame retardant pH to 5-6.5 using a 15 ± 5% NaOH solution

Preparation of working solution: first add a small amount of soft water, then add the required amount of FR-1012, fully stir and dissolve, drop 10-20% sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, check the PH value at any time, stop adding when it reaches 6.5, and dilute with water to the required weight or volume. The prepared working fluid should be used as soon as possible, otherwise it needs to be readjusted to a pH value of 6.5 before use.

General ratio: According to demand, the concentration of FR-1012 industrial liquid should be between 15-30% according to different flame retardant requirements.

Process flow: two soaking and two rolling (rolling liquid rate 60-70%) → drying (100-120 ℃/1-2 min) → baking (190-195 ℃/1-2 min) → 45 ℃ hot water washing → cold water washing → drying

Features and advantages: 

1. High thermal stability, with little impact on the hand feel of the finished fabric;

2. Low volatility and good solubility with most polymer compounds;

3. The fabric after flame retardant treatment has very little color change during dyeing;

4. Good washing resistance, and the fabric can still maintain a bright color after washing.

Transportation and packaging: 

Transportation: FR-1012 is not a hazardous material and can be transported as a general chemical.

Packaging: 70KG plastic bucket; IBC exports tons in barrels.

Please email wang@qdcrchem.com for further information.