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Reactive Flame Retardant

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CR-FR-R51 reactive hydroxyl terminated oligophosphate ester

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Product name: CR-FR-R51 reactive hydroxyl terminated oligophosphate ester

Product application: reactive oligophosphate ester

Product application: 

FR-R51 is an environmentally friendly green halogen-free flame retardant, which is an oligophosphate ester with hydroxyl groups. When in use, it can effectively connect with other polymer materials through chemical reactions to the chain segments of the polymer, effectively avoiding the chemical migration of traditional additive flame retardants. FR-R51 is suitable for permanent flame retardant treatment of textile fabrics, especially cotton fabrics and polyester cotton blends. Compared to the traditional cotton flame retardant CP, FR-R51 does not contain formaldehyde and is an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative.

Product features:

FR-R51 is an environmentally friendly halogen-free oligophosphate ester with a phosphorus content of approximately 20%. Its functionality is approximately 2. FR-R51 has terminal hydroxyl groups and must be copolymerized with dihydroxymethyldihydroxyethyleneurea, trimethylolmelamine resin, or 1,2,3,4-butanetetracarboxylic acid to react the flame retardant groups into cotton fibers, achieving permanent flame retardancy. During the entire process, harmful substances such as formaldehyde are not designed to cause secondary pollution. The effective flame retardancy of properly treated cotton and polyester cotton fabrics can usually withstand 30 washes.

Indicator parameters:

Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Viscosity (mPa·S, 25℃)
3000 – 5000 
Acid value(mg KOH/g)
≤ 5.0
Hydroxyl value (%)
Phosphorus content (mg KOH/g)

Transportation and packaging:


FR-R06 is not a hazardous material and can be transported as a general chemical product


25KG plastic bucket; 220KG galvanized bucket; IBC exports tons in barrels

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