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CR-FR-R85 high Tg epoxy resin flame retardant

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Product Name: CR-FR-R85 High Tg Epoxy Resin Flame Retardant

Product application: Polymer materials such as epoxy resin and TPU

Product application: 

FR-R85 is an efficient halogen-free flame retardant developed by Evergreen Chemical, suitable for production processes with processing temperatures ranging from 200 to 250 ℃.

The thermal stability and phosphorus content of FR-R85 are higher than those of halogen-free flame retardants such as DOPO and its derivatives, and have little impact on the physical properties of epoxy resin. At the same flame retardancy level or dosage, the effect of FR-R85 on the glass transition temperature of epoxy resin is much smaller than that of other additive flame retardants. Suitable for wide application in epoxy potting adhesives, pouring epoxy resin products, as well as TPU and CPU products.

Product features:

FR-R85 can be directly used as an auxiliary curing agent, and usually 170-200 ℃ (1-3 hours) can significantly accelerate the natural curing process of epoxy resin. With the addition of basic catalyst (2-Methylimidazole), the curing speed was significantly increased and the curing temperature was significantly reduced.

FR-R85 is a liquid with moderate viscosity at room temperature, making it convenient to use. If the operating process allows, it can also be combined with the CR-EP320 powder flame retardant from Evergreen Chemical to achieve better flame retardancy and a relatively lower total flame retardant dosage.

The recommended dosage for phenolic and urea formaldehyde resins is 20% -25% and can reach UL-94 V0 grade.

The recommended amount of bisphenol A and Bisphenol F resins is 30%. (Recommended dosage for 1.5mm is 30-35%)

The specific details shall be determined by the customer based on the actual test situation.

Indicator parameters:

Colorless or yellow transparent liquid
Epoxy reaction equivalent
60 – 80 
Viscosity (mpa·S, 25℃)
≤ 5000
Moisture (%)
≤ 0.5

Transportation and packaging:


FR-R85 is not a hazardous material and can be transported and stored as a general chemical product


30KG plastic bucket; 220KG galvanized bucket

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